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Vodafone named top 25 global corporate for working with start-ups

16 Dec 2020Digital Society
2 minute read

Vodafone has been listed among the world’s top 25 corporate companies for supporting innovation and collaborating with start-ups.

As part of the Corporate Start-up Stars Awards 2020, which is in its fifth year, start-ups around the world were asked to nominate corporate companies they felt are most active in supporting and working with early-stage businesses.

Corporate Startup Starts 2020 Awards

The Corporate Start-up Stars Awards 2020 are delivered through a partnership between Mind the Bridge and the International Chamber of Commerce. They are designed to stimulate the growth of corporate-start-up collaboration by showcasing success stories and awarding the best-in-class.

Vodafone has been named among the global top 25 in a list of Corporate Start-up Stars out of hundreds of companies that were considered.

<em>Paresh Modi, Group Head of Business Development &amp; Innovation at Vodafo</em>ne

Paresh Modi, Group Head of Business Development & Innovation at Vodafone

Paresh Modi, Group Head of Business Development & Innovation at Vodafone said: “As a champion for SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, Vodafone is pleased to be named a Corporate Start-up Star once again.  We have worked hard to make our processes as easy as possible for young companies to approach us and work with Vodafone. We are very proud of our support programmes and accelerators for start-ups including the Vodafone 5G Dig,  F-Lane, the Tomorrow Street innovation centre in Luxembourg, and Bright Sparks, our mentoring programme with Oxford University Innovation.”

<em>Agne Milukaite, founder at </em><a href=""><em></em></a><em>, a start-up on the Bright Sparks programme</em>

Agne Milukaite, founder at, a start-up on the Bright Sparks programme

Ziv Orr, VP Business Development at TechSee said: “It’s no surprise that Vodafone has once more been recognised for this prestigious award. We’re very grateful for the way we’ve been supported through our journey from a startup to a scaleup - and we are rightly proud of the partnership we have with Vodafone.”

Lior Shacham, CEO at PicUp Mobile added: “Compared to most other corporates, I must say working with Vodafone has been simple, straightforward and fast. Vodafone clearly knows how to get the best out of their partnerships with start-ups. This award is well-deserved.”

Vodafone also received a Venture Client Award, in recognition of its procurement processes and partnerships, for the second year in a row.

Emily Forbes, founder and CEO of video crowdsourcing platform Seenit said: “Vodafone is a great partner and it’s fantastic to continue to grow with them. As a start-up, we also really appreciated Vodafone’s procurement process - which was quick, simple, and the short payment period is always beneficial for cash flow.”

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