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Story Time books help children to be more resilient online

To mark Safer Internet Day 2019, Vodafone and Parent Zone have teamed up to produce two fun, educational stories to help children learn about online safety.

The Story Time books are an engaging way to get younger children (UK Key Stage 1 and 2) talking about the importance of staying safe online. Parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and Vodafone volunteers are encouraged to read Sally the Smartphone’s Digital Disaster (For 5 to 7 year olds) and Tommy the Tablet’s Birthday Blunder (7 to 9 year olds) to children at home, at school or in their local library.

Don’t worry Sally,” said Tommy. “It looks as though Annie has shared her password. Some children forget that a good password is useless if you tell someone what it is.
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The books promote digital resilience, helping children to recognise online risks and understand how to seek help. The key message is that things might go wrong but they can be sorted out with help from people you trust – like a parent or a big sister.

As Paul Cording of Vodafone explains: “We’re always looking for new ways to engage younger children on the issue of online safety. By creating colourful cartoon characters like Sally and Tommy, we can explain some quite complicated safety, privacy and security issues in a fun and interesting way. So far we’ve made the books available in English, Czech, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese.”

You can explore Story Time in different languages here!

To download the resources, click the 'download' button in the top left corner of the embeds.

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