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Vodafone Portugal fibre network enables sophisticated banking

5 Apr 2016Digital Society
2 minute read

Vodafone is providing and managing the fibre-optic-based communications service network for over 7,000 MULTIBANCO ATM off-premises machines across Portugal.

The project involved a complete technology upgrade to the existing ATM off-premises communication network to create a more resilient service as well as the renovation of the communications equipment on customer premises for the SIBS Group, which runs the ATM and payment network in Portugal.

Vodafone’s ultrafast fibre and mobile networks will provide backup to the secure private network which the operator supplies. This will enable customers to always have access to their bank accounts.

“We have invested significantly and will continue to invest in forward-looking technology that can power a successful economy of the future. The complex high-performance network that underpins the next-generation ATM is possible due to a combination of Vodafone’s security and resilience capabilities and our ultrafast networks, one of the most advanced in Europe,” explained Vodafone Portugal Chief Executive Officer Mário Vaz.

The MULTIBANCO ATMs are capable of a wide range of different transactions, from topping up mobile pay as you go services to paying taxes or tolls, buying transport tickets or managing utility bills. In addition to connecting the ATM, Vodafone will link the various data centres responsible for processing the 80 million operations a month that the MULTIBANCO ATM system generates.

“Portugal has one of the most advanced and complete payment systems in the world, with an ATM network with the highest number of machines per capita and which are capable of performing more than 60 different operations. With this new partner we are able to evolve communications technology in order to improve the level of service that MULTIBANCO already offers,” said SIBS group Chief Executive Officer Madalena Cascais Tomé.

To date, Vodafone’s ultrafast fibre network is available to 2.3 million Portuguese homes and businesses, expanding choice for customers and helping to establish Portugal as one of Europe’s leading Fibre To The Home countries.

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