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Making Sevilla a smart city

28 Oct 2020Digital Society
2 minute read

As the largest economic and urban centre in Andalucía, growth in Sevilla’s metro area is closely linked to use and pressure on public services in the city. To help it to implement technology promoting integrated and sustainable urban development, the city received €19m in EU funding for solutions which were:

  • Flexible enough to support different types of data produced by different public services
  • Able to be integrated with existing solutions to maximise those investments
  • Analytically advanced to enable the integration and analysis of multiple datasets to drive optimisation of services, such as monitoring visitor flows and security during special events

Vodafone is working with the Sevilla municipal government to integrate the Vodafone Smart Cities Platform, creating a single solution to monitor a wide range of its services. The platform builds on existing systems to develop smart ‘vertical’ services, utilising Big Data capabilities enabled by ThingWorx Analytics.

sevilla city landscape flag

The platform is designed to provide transparency to public bodies, and by combining analytical capabilities with the integration of multiple data sources, it enables efficiency improvements and higher quality municipal services in many areas. In energy, mobility data is used to adapt lighting needs, optimising energy usage to demand patterns and improving efficiency. Citizen mobility data is used to make changes to bus frequencies or stops, making the most of limited public transport resources. The environment can benefit from the use of water consumption data, improving efficient use and predicting faults in the system. Security cameras are also used monitor capacities in public areas, which has been of particular use when managing social distancing for COVID-19.

These are just the start. The platform is also deploying a number of other pilot project verticals, such as smart management of parking, watering, waste collection, energy, and air quality.

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