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From biker to business owner: M-PESA supports Kenyan delivery service

28 Mar 2024Digital Society
2 minute read

Amanya Kuchio is a social worker by training, a mother and a biker. She started riding a motorcycle to avoid traffic when she had a long commute.

“There is crazy traffic in Nairobi, so I needed to make my commute as short as possible,” Amanya explains.

“When I started riding a motorcycle, I connected with an entire community of bikers who ride bikes on their daily commute but also who ride for recreation.”

An all-female business

It was through this experience that Amanya got the idea to get involved in the courier and delivery service space with her co-founder Njeri Mbogo. But before the pair went into business, they first needed to learn the ropes.

While working as a courier for another company, Amanya noticed that there were a number of gaps in the professionalism and reliability of existing courier services.

“My partner shops a lot online and she wasn’t always happy with how her packages arrived or how the drivers treated her. We wanted to change this,” explains Amanya, and so she launched Femme Logistics, an errands and deliver service company with an all-female workforce.

From biker to business owner: M-PESA supports Kenyan delivery service

He mission is to create opportunities for women and to empower them to make their own money and to give them a chance to do something for themselves.

Making payments easier for customers

Using our mobile money service M-PESA, Amanya was able to make the payment process much easier for customers and also simplify the business accounting process.

“The platform also allows us to track our bikes and check up on rider performance. If we had to do these things without technology, it would take much more time,” Amanya added.

Supporting technology adoption

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in both the global and African economy, contributing to job creation, innovation, economic growth, and regional development.

At Vodafone, we want to support them through technologies like digital payment solution M-PESA, and others, bringing enhanced efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement.

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