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Five ventures about to improve the world join Vodafone Institute’s accelerator F-LANE (2/3)

14 Aug 2019Digital Society
2 minute read

This week we are finding out about the latest cohort of companies entering F-LANE, Europe’s first accelerator with a focus on start-ups by and for women in the tech sector.

Today we’ll introduce you to Together for Her and Safe & the City:

Together for Her supports mothers in India, which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

Together for Her wants to change that with a new data based platform on which mothers can evaluate visited hospitals according to their Quality of Care (QoC) using nine indicators based on World Health Organization guidelines.

These ratings are freely accessible to (expectant) mothers who are looking for contact points and want to find out more about their health in general.


Photo credit: Together for Her

The hospital ratings are also evaluated after registration on the website, which has so far shown a significant increase in their QoC.

In addition, Together for Her offers bundled services to pregnant women to help them monitor prenatal health, which can be offered more cost-effectively due to the economies of scale of the website.

Safe & the City wants to help make cities safer for everyone using an app.


Photo credit: Safe & the City

To this end, they create personalised navigation algorithms that can help avoid danger zones and find help in emergency situations.

This service focuses particularly on women, as sexual harassment is still part of their everyday lives.

An extensive analysis of the anonymised data collected is used to suggest safe routes through the city to users.

In addition, they also work on-site and train companies.

Safe & the City already works closely with the Metropolitan Police, the City of London and United Nations Women UK and plans to expand into other major cities within the next two years.

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