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Bright Sparks by Vodafone Innovation: meet our start-ups

06 May 2021Digital Society
4 minute read

At Vodafone, we are committed to supporting small tech businesses. Bright Sparks is a Vodafone programme that brings together our most talented people with some cutting-edge start-ups, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation. 

This year we are partnering with even more early-stage disruptors for the second edition of the Bright Sparks programme.

Bright Spark’s purpose is to provide start-ups with access to expertise from a dedicated Vodafone expert – our Bright Sparks Vodafone Champions – and the wider Vodafone network.  Over a period of six months, both the Vodafone Champions and the start-ups will use Bright Sparks as a vehicle to uncover opportunities for future collaboration.  

The start-ups on this year’s Bright Sparks programme cover a range of areas including consumer-centric solutions to B2B, digital transformation, customer operations, mixed reality, brand & marketing, IoT, network analytics, and knowledge sharing.

Scroll down to meet this year’s Bright Sparks start-ups.

Digital Transformation and Customer Operations

A customer service automation platform helping teams build great virtual agents, tailored to their brand.

IoT, AI and Network Analytics


Inventurist is a SaaS platform powered by AI for intelligently and automatically developing and validating strategic decisions in large enterprises.

People Operations


Guider is helping companies to establish impactful, data-driven mentoring and coaching at scale across organisations.

Brand and Marketing


Analytic Edge is a marketing analytics provider, enabling brands to maximise marketing ROI through ‘always-on’ marketing effectiveness measurement and real-time insights with DIY option.


bright little labs logo

Bright Little Labs is an award-winning kids’ media company who make entertaining, purpose-driven content and products for kids aged 3-11 (digital games etc.).

Future of Content and Entertainment


Beamm is a virtual production studio in your pocket - a next generation media platform for creating, consuming, commercialising and collaborating on 3D and VFX content.

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