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Ask the audience: What does 5G mean to you?

11 Sep 2019Digital Society
< 1 minute read

Milan is a special place. Not just because the Italian city is chic and historic, home to the Duomo, modernist architecture, and good food. Or because the fashion conscious Milanese have made drinks before dinner an institution – the aperitivo.

It’s also Vodafone Italia’s 5G pilot city. The service formally launched in June 2019, but 5G was already being used in Milan to test the many different technologies likely to benefit from it.

Vodafone invested €90 million in the city to build the first 5G network in Italy, covering over 80% of the city. The network is being used across industry – from healthcare to manufacturing to transport and smart cities.

So where better to find out what people think 5G is likely to mean for them?

During Milan Digital Week the Gigalife team visited some of the demos being run by Vodafone Italia, and asked the public what they thought.

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