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We connect for a better future

28 May 2024Corporate and Financial
2 minute read

At Vodafone, we believe connectivity is a force for good.

It’s an essential part of our lives. If we use technology for the things that really matter, it can improve our lives and the world around us.

Through our connectivity and technology, our aspiration is to empower people, help protect the planet and maintain trust with our customers.

That’s why our purpose is to connect for a better future.


We want to empower people and businesses

We seek to connect everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live and work.

Our aim is to close digital divides, enhancing coverage for all and ensuring affordable connectivity, devices, and platforms.

We want to empower our customers so they can benefit fully from digitalisation. To help support SMEs, so they can thrive in a digital world. To drive greater financial inclusion and digitalise our public services.

We support communities, especially those in need, leaving no-one behind. We promote diversity and inclusion within Vodafone and wider society. We are striving to improve learning and digital skills. And we support those most in need - when they need it.


We want to help protect the planet and enable our customers to do the same

We are striving to reduce carbon emissions, achieving net zero in our own operations. And together with our partners, we’re also working to reach net zero across our wider value chain.

We contribute to the circular economy, enabling our customers to recycle their devices. Likewise, we are aiming for all our network waste to be reused, resold, or recycled.

We empower our business customers to reduce their impact on the planet, while reducing the environmental footprint of our own products and services.


We strive to deliver our services securely and responsibly to earn the trust of our customers

We do this by protecting data, protecting people, and through our responsible business practices.

Wherever we are, we have an opportunity to advance fundamental rights for our customers, colleagues, and communities. We are focussed on creating a safe environment for everyone who works at or for Vodafone.

We believe that everyone has a right to privacy wherever they live in the world. As a provider of critical services relied upon by millions, we prioritise protecting our networks and systems.

We are committed to ensuring that we operate ethically, lawfully and with integrity. Our responsible business practices include an ethical approach to purchasing, and zero tolerance to bribery or corruption.

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