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Piramal Healthcare to Acquire Further 5.5% Stake in Vodafone Essar

4 Feb 2012Corporate and Financial
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Vodafone Group (“Vodafone”) and Piramal Healthcare (“Piramal”) today announced that Piramal has agreed to purchase approximately 5.5% of the issued equity share capital of Vodafone India Limited (“VIL”) from ETHL Communications Holdings Limited (“Essar”) for a cash consideration of approximately INR 30.07 billion (£385 million1) taking Piramal’s total shareholding in VIL2 to approximately 11%.

The transaction follows the settlement between Vodafone and Essar over the sale of Essar’s approximately 33% stake in VIL, announced in July 2011, and the purchase by Piramal of approximately 5.5% of the issued share capital of VIL from Essar in August 2011. This completes the exit of the Essar group as a shareholder in VIL.

The transaction contemplates various exit mechanisms for Piramal, including both participation in a potential initial public offering of VIL and a sale of its stake to Vodafone.

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  1. At an exchange rate of £1.00:INR78.0
  2. The value of 100% of the gross assets of VIL as at 31 March 2011 was INR 592 billion (£7.6 billion<sup>1</sup>)
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