Increasing cultural understanding

Increasing cultural understanding and awareness across countries

Vodafone is a multicultural company. We employ people from 131 different nationalities across 21 local markets, with members of our global senior leader team drawn from more than 28 different nationalities.

We encourage our managers to broaden their understanding of other cultures and believe they benefit professionally from assignments outside their home nation; 45% of our senior leaders have completed an international assignment at some point during their career with Vodafone.

Understanding our ethnically diverse population in the UK

This year we worked to understand more about the experiences of our colleagues from ethnic minorities, particularly in the UK. With the support of EMPower, Black and Asian colleagues participated in focus groups to build an understanding of their experiences and what further support is needed.

In addition, this year the annual Vodafone Global People Survey included ethnicity as a demographic, asking people to declare this on a voluntary basis. The survey found that of the 13,470 respondents from the UK (representing 84% of the UK employee population), 2% were from black or Asian ethnic groups, and a further 2% indicated they were from mixed or other ethnic demographics.