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We strive to create an open, diverse and inclusive environment in which all employees feel equally valued and understand that ethical conduct is critical to our business success.

We are very clear about the behaviours we expect from everyone who works for Vodafone. These are defined by our global policies and set out in our Business Principles and Code of Conduct. They are also reinforced in The Digital Vodafone Way, the guidance we provide to all our employees on how they should behave in order to ensure Vodafone is admired and respected by our customers and by society as a whole. Speed, simplicity and trust remain our three core principles.

Equipping people with the skills they need to succeed

Building our employees’ skills through continuous development programmes is an essential component of driving business performance, and this year we invested more than €60 million in learning and development. Our programmes take many forms, from structured learning and formal training, to personal coaching and mentoring. During the year, we provided an average of 20 training hours for every employee, with 97,300 of our people over the year completing at least one course on Vodafone University, our global learning platform that allows our employees to access local and global learning content from any device.

Our employees welcome these programmes; in the 2019 Global People Survey, 80% of employees surveyed said that they benefited from opportunities to learn the skills they needed to do their jobs well.

Throughout this year, a core focus was developing digital skills across the organisation and leadership and management skills needed for agile and digital working. We also evolved our Vodafone University to enable recommendations for relevant courses based on identified skills and launched a programme with LinkedIn Learning, a content platform with over 10,000 pieces of new content.

This year we invested more than 60 million in employee training and development

Building a diverse and inclusive business

It is fundamental that our employees feel they belong. Our employees should not be subject to discrimination at work. In our 2019 annual Global People Survey, 90% of employees who responded said they felt they were treated fairly, regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background or beliefs. In addition, 87% of our employees felt they were able to be themselves at work.

We expect those who work with us to conduct themselves with dignity and respect in their dealings with customers, co-workers, partners, suppliers, local communities and any other stakeholders affected by, or with an interest in, Vodafone’s activities. This expectation, mandated in our Code of Conduct, applies across all of our businesses, to our employees’ interactions with all individuals regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or any other factor.

In our aspiration to become the world’s best employer for women by 2025, increasing the proportion of women in management and senior leadership roles is a core focus of our global diversity and inclusion programmes. You can read more about our goals and programmes to achieve our aspiration in the Women’s empowerment section of our website.

Focusing on LGBT+ inclusion

We focus on creating an inclusive working environment for employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or other sexual orientation and gender identity categories (LGBT+). Our global executive sponsor for LGBT+ matters, who is a member of our senior leadership team, provides leadership on LGBT+ inclusion and raises the profile of LGBT+ topics. A further 20 senior leadership team members in local markets and at Group level support their efforts and act as executive sponsors for their areas of business.

Increasing cultural understanding and awareness across countries

Vodafone is a multicultural company. We employ people from 131 different nationalities across 21 local markets, with members of our global senior leader team drawn from more than 28 different nationalities.

Supporting LGBT+ employees in Italy

Vodafone Italy is committed to creating an equal and inclusive workplace for its LGBT+ employees. Its policies and practices provide the foundation for this, with equal partner benefits for employees in same-sex relationships and zero-tolerance policies on discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Employee wellbeing

Helping our employees to stay safe, fit and healthy is a priority for us. It contributes to productivity, reduces absenteeism and creates an attractive working environment for all employees.

In 2016, we launched our wellbeing framework. The framework focuses on six key aspects of wellbeing and is designed to support the development and implementation of employee wellbeing activities in all of our markets.

The framework is a guideline to help us to achieve optimal wellbeing for all of our people, respecting cultures, available resources and requirements. Market wellbeing teams develop initiatives tailored to local needs and share information and best practice through our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Network.

Our wellbeing framework

Our health, safety and wellbeing framework: Emotional and mental, Financial, Connections and community, Purpose and growth, Physical, Digital balance

Supporting employees to thriVe

In October 2018, we launched a new digital web and mobile wellbeing platform, thriVe, for employees who work for Vodafone UK and UK-based Group employees. The UK launch was the first stage in the forthcoming rollout of the platform to all Vodafone markets. The mobile platform provides access to a number of health and wellness tools, along with information and resources for people working in more remote locations.