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Our strategy articulates our intention to deliver significant positive impact in three areas, each of which has the potential to improve the lives of our customers and wider society. We have established long-term targets to drive change that focuses on women’s empowerment, youth skills and jobs, and energy innovation.

Vodafone Group Plc Sustainable Business Report 2019
“Vodafone’s purpose is to connect for a better future and is supported by our commitment to improve one billion lives through an inclusive digital society while halving our environmental impact by 2025.”

Nick Read

Group Chief Executive, Vodafone Group Plc

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Women’s empowerment

Equality of women remains a significant global challenge. By empowering women and promoting gender equality, we can enable communities, economies and businesses – including our own – to prosper.

Our 2025 goals

We aim to connect an additional 50 million women living in emerging markets to mobile

Our ambition is for Vodafone to become the world’s best employer for women

Key highlights of the year

19.4 million more female customers in our emerging markets since 2016

1.5 million customers have accessed free health information in South Africa

31% of our management and leadership roles are now held by women

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Youth skills and jobs

High levels of youth unemployment and a growing digital skills gap are significant social and economic challenges. Our What will you be? programme aims to help young people develop their digital skills and access learning and employment opportunities so they can thrive in the digital economy.

Our 2022 goals

Support 10 million young people to access digital skills, learning and employment opportunities

Provide 100,000 opportunities for young people to receive a digital learning experience at Vodafone.

Key highlights of the year

478,986 users have completed our Future Jobs Finder platform to understand their strengths and skills and view job opportunities in the digital economy

54,712 young people provided with workplace experience during the year

5,710 new employees aged 26 or under joined our business globally

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Energy innovation

There is clear evidence that man-made greenhouse gases (GHGs) are having a direct impact on climate. We support the view that urgent action is needed to address climate change.

Our 2025 goals

To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50%

To purchase 100% of the electricity we use from renewable sources

Key highlights of the year

3% reduction in our GHG emissions this year

15% of our purchased electricity was from renewable sources

5.8 tonnes of CO2e avoided for customers, which is nearly three times the emissions generated from our own operations

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Operating responsibly

We are committed to ensuring that our business operates ethically, lawfully and with integrity wherever we operate as this is critical to our long-term success.

Key highlights of the year

Launched a common industry Supplier Academy to help build capability of suppliers

Completed our first GNI assessment to ensure we have measures in place to protect and advance freedom of expression and the right to privacy

Launched the Vodafone Cyber Code, which has been designed to simplify and explain the basic security controls to all employees

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Our people

We employ around 92,000 people and work with over 10,000 contractors globally. Our business performance and our customers’ experience depend on our ability to attract, develop and retain talented individuals at all levels.

Key highlights of the year

€60 million invested in employee training and development

20 hours training provided for every employee

85% of our employees who responded to our Global People Survey believe that Vodafone is socially responsible

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Download our Sustainable Business Report 2019

Our Sustainable Business Report 2019 provides more detail on our focus areas, performance and progress.

Sustainable Business Report 2019 (PDF, 8 Mb)
GRI index supplement 2019 (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
Data supplement 2019 (PDF, 132 Kb)

Our contribution to the UN SDGs

Through our local businesses, our sustainable business strategy, goals and programmes, and the work of Vodafone Foundation, we estimate that we make the greatest impact on five of the UN SDGs.

Our contribution to the UN SDGs (PDF, 3.4 Mb)

Our reporting in one place

In our reporting centre, you will find all our reports, statements and transparency disclosures, including Modern Slavery, Tax and our Total Economic Contribution and Law Enforcement Disclosure, along with previous Sustainable Business reports.

Reporting centre