Providing free access to digital educational content for millions of young people


Instant Schools is a free to access online platform which hosts quality educational resources in local languages in DRC, Ghana, Lesotho, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa (as e-School). There is no charge for the content or for the data to access the platform. Instant Schools has been developed in conjunction with Learning Equality – a leading not-for-profit provider of open-source educational technology solutions – and with educational partners, ministries of education and local education experts in each country.

Increasing ability to use technologies inside and outside the classroom

Helping children not in traditional schooling

Supporting government strategies to increase literacy and numeracy skills

By 2025, Vodafone Foundation aims to reach 5,000,000 learners

The issue

Globally, there are 263 million primary and secondary-aged children and youth currently out of school, with many more without access to a quality education. Girls in particular are at risk of being left behind. Technology has the power to democratise education, providing access to the best educators to those in the most remote or underprivileged communities.

263 million

263 million primary and secondary-aged children and youth currently out of school

Our aim

For Vodafone customers in participating markets to have free access to online learning materials

Content formats include interactive textbooks, exercises and videos. A key feature of Instant Schools is that the platform is designed to host both global and local content. Global content is provided by leading providers of open source educational resources, such as Khan Academy. Local content is content which is relevant for a specific country, such as digital textbooks or exam papers. The result is unique market-specific versions of the platforms being available for customers.

It is a long-term cumulative programme which will be expanded over time, including Vodafone and Learning Equality encouraging other major mobile operators to adopt a similar, non-commercial approach.

Ultimately the initiative will provide millions of young people with free access to online learning materials



What we are doing to achieve our goal

Learners / teachers who are customers of Vodafone or its subsidiaries will not incur any mobile data charges when accessing Instant Schools. They will simply need a data connection to the Vodafone network.

Drawing on a combination of the best openly licensed global and local educational resources to provide country-specific content.

Optimising educational content for simple, low-cost mobile devices with basic data connectivity (3G) and areas of low coverage/capacity.

Providing other mobile operators with the technical specifications required to extend the benefits of this philanthropic programme to the largest possible number of beneficiaries.



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