Vodafone and  The Diana Award have set up this digital skills programme to encourage older children to pass on their knowledge. The 10 modules below are available for your child’s school to use. 

Helping young people to balance the time they spend online and offline.

Find out about the cost of gaming and how to stay safe in multiplayer games.

What are the challenges of social networks like Facebook and Instagram?

Fact or fiction... learn how to recognise scams and false information.

This module looks at the issue of self-esteem in the digital age.

Been asked to take part in a dare online or do something you’d rather not do? Find out how to deal with this.

Learn why it’s important to think before you post anything on the internet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital world?

Find out why coding skills are so important for the future.

This module about bullying helps young people to become more resilient and stronger online.