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Maritime Mobility


Connect your vessels, passengers and crews with Vodafone's maritime mobility solution

The maritime industry's appetite for data bandwidth is growing. All types of vessels send and receive operational data. Once, satellite communication provided the only option to stay connected while at sea. But this is no longer the case.

Vodafone’s maritime solution helps you intelligently connect your vessels, passengers, and crews.

Our 4G maritime footprint covers 93% of the world’s total coastlines. At the same time, you can use our global SIM card almost everywhere in the world and benefit from hybrid connectivity.

If you’re looking for speed, increased capacity and the cost advantages of leveraging a global 4G network, Vodafone’s maritime solution can connect you.

Leverage Vodafone Maritime Coverage Map

As our maritime customer, you can use our interactive Maritime Coverage Map via your reporting portal to check and plan your coverage possibilities and reinforce your value propositions.

Our unparalleled, innovative solution provides you near-shore coverage information with connection quality data generated by vessels using Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services maritime product.


With only one SIM, the world is yours

Our global roaming SIM works in almost all countries and across multiple networks, so there’s no need to swap local SIM cards as you cross borders or stay limited with only a single network coverage per destination. Instead, you just need to deploy our global 4G LTE data SIMs aboard your ships.

SIM cards can be integrated with a vessel’s connectivity equipment to complement its satellite system. In addition, by using our single interface, you don’t have to deal with multiple local contracts, top-up methods, invoices, portals and help desks. As a maritime connectivity provider, you can create hybrid offers or add 4G propositions into your portfolio via our commercially flexible wholesale partnership model. This will enable you to reach more vessels and utilise our self-monitoring and remote-control tools for ease of operations.

Enjoy the advantages of 4G LTE and satellite services

You can leverage 4G’s strengths and capabilities near shore and benefit from satellite connectivity in deep-sea operations. Combined, you can have the best possible solution to optimise connectivity speed, bandwidth and costs.


Enhance your business with our data speed, capacity and cost advantages

Ships spend 60% of their operating time in areas likely to have 4G LTE coverage. So take advantage of our favourable roaming costs, high data speeds and low latencies when staying in ports or transiting coastal waters. Read our summary of Vodafone's Near Shore Connectivity research or download our whitepaper if you’re interested in how ship operators can leverage 4G LTE technology.

Autonomous shipping – the future is here

With our global near shore footprint, 5G networks, and world-class mobile data connectivity, we help open the world’s oceans to more efficient and sustainable means of transportation.

Learn how Vodafone is contributing to the new era of autonomous shipping.


Setting Sail Together

How our partnership with KVH is providing fast and reliable connectivity to vessels at sea.

Together we make international voice and roaming services easy

Vodafone connects millions of roamers and devices in virtually every country every day. We work closely with you to tailor the best solution for your business.


After contacting us and filling out our business enquiry form, we arrange a conversation to understand your needs and priorities.


The next step is to assess your traffic, priority destinations and the required technical infrastructure to achieve your business goals.


After aligning on and signing a wholesale contract, our team starts your technical onboarding and assists you through the process.

Ready to get started?

Contact us and help your customers to roam the world with the best available connectivity.

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