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Tailored consultancy and managed global connectivity and roaming services

The wholesale roaming and global connectivity market holds many challenges.

Firstly, wholesale roaming and global connectivity is very competitive and customers have high expectations, especially regarding pricing, coverage and connection speeds.

Secondly, new worldwide regulations and complex wholesale charging make it hard for businesses to navigate the best solutions.

And thirdly, 2G and 3G network closures, 5G and VoLTE roaming rollout and platform virtualisation are all transforming the roaming and global connectivity space.

To optimise your wholesale roaming and global connectivity setup and overcome these hurdles, you need expertise, scale, constant focus and investments.

With Vodafone Managed Services, you can confidently focus on building your retail operations by leveraging our wholesale expertise and scaling as a world-class operator group to launch and evolve your setup.

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Global roaming expertise

Enable your travellers to roam the world by leveraging Vodafone’s tailored consultancy and managed services for a hassle-free retail roaming launch. Start generating revenues from day one as we help you build your own bilateral roaming relationships.

A cutting-edge technology partner

Minimise your operational costs, infrastructure investments and fraud risk, while improving your cash flow and customer promise with the help of our innovative technologies, digitalisation focus and quality management.

Truly global roaming coverage

Offer the world to your roamers by leveraging Vodafone’s global roaming footprint, IPX and signalling connectivity.

How we work with you

  1. Understand

    We start with completing a strategic wholesale assessment to understand your needs and priorities through workshops or consulting.

  2. Co-create

    ​​Once your needs assessment is complete, we can tailor and create a suitable solution for you.

    You benefit from our wide range of outsourcing possibilities – from a single roaming task to a fully outsourced wholesale roaming function.

    We also support you in establishing and improving your in-house capabilities and building your bilateral roaming relationships.

    Furthermore, we may involve other Vodafone teams to deliver additional services and meet new requirements, if needed.

  3. Enhance

    Select your preferred options from our comprehensive service menu to expand your roaming capabilities.

    Discount negotiations

    Footprint management

    IPX & Signalling connectivity

    Traffic steering

    Quality monitoring

    Financial settlement

    Fraud management

    Virtual home environment

Together we make international voice and roaming services easy

Vodafone connects millions of roamers and devices in virtually every country every day. We work closely with you to tailor the best solution for your business.


After contacting us and filling out our business enquiry form, we arrange a conversation to understand your needs and priorities.


The next step is to assess your traffic, priority destinations and the required technical infrastructure to achieve your business goals.


After aligning on and signing a wholesale contract, our team starts your technical onboarding and assists you through the process.

Ready to get started?

Contact us and help your customers to roam the world with the best available connectivity.

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Roaming and Voice Services

Sponsored Roaming

Get instant access to Vodafone’s leading global outbound roaming footprint to gain a competitive edge for your business.

Roaming Hub

Enhance your inbound and outbound roaming footprint with other hub member with only one contract to request service openings.

IPX Services

Implement worldwide, commercially sustainable internetworking and roaming services with our reliable and secure IPX solutions.

Maritime Mobility

Near-shore 4G connectivity creates intelligent communication solutions for your vessels, passengers, crews and IoT devices.

Travel Mobility

Our wholesale solutions enable you to offer instant, easy and affordable roaming for your travellers across the globe.

International Voice

Benefit from the highest quality international voice solutions with streamlined management processes at home or while roaming.