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IPX Services


IP-based internet services globally

Worldwide connectivity, voice, signalling and data with IPX

Vodafone Internetwork Packet Exchange or Vodafone IPX is a secure, reliable alternative to the public internet enabling you to implement global, commercially sustainable internetworking and roaming services with unmatched customer experience.

The Vodafone IPX platform supports signalling, voice over our Intelligent Routing platform and data roaming connectivity through our extensive MPLS global footprint. We own one of the world’s largest IP/MPLS networks, ranked in the top 10 internet providers globally.

Interconnecting service providers to the world’s largest 4G footprint

We provide extensive reach and leading data roaming on 4G, soon on 5G in more than 100 countries

Guaranteed quality of service with more than 800 sites, including 172 IPX PoPs worldwide

We support Voice, Transport/GRX, GSMA Root DNS, Sigtran, Diameter, HTTP2 and other IP traffic through one interconnection

Hyperscale infrastructure, connected mobile customers and IoT devices

We are the single point of access for multiple IP based services with flexible payment option

Global 24/7 service support for all IPX services

What’s in it for you?

Have direct connection and access to 535+ million customers for IP based voice and data services, 4G roaming in 185 countries,
worldwide coverage for IPX Transport/GRX, Sigtran and Diameter over 800 international sites across 150 countries,
100+ direct connections, 25+ connections via peering and partnerships with all the top tier carriers.

Vodafone IPX features and benefits


IPX service offering

  • Voice over IPX with break in and break out
  • VoLTE roaming, using RAVEL
  • SIGTRAN signalling for 2G/3G service
  • Diameter signalling for 4G/5G NSA service
  • HTTP2 signalling for 5G service
  • 2G/3G/4G/5G data roaming (transport: GTP, DNS, MMS and VoLTE)
  • SMS hubbing and termination
  • We can provide full global reachability for Transport/GRX service


Service features

  • Cascade billing
  • CoS treatment to offer different data quality over the IPX
  • Multiple services over a single access
  • End to end QoS guarantee between any PoPs under Vodafone control
  • KPI reporting
  • QoS and SLAs
  • Regional breakout solutions in Asia, US, and Europe


Physical connections

  • Dedicated access
  • Network access point and data centre cross connect access
  • IPX mobile peering point access in EU and ASIA (through AMS-IX)


Vodafone IPX Access

  • Access to our infrastructure
  • Guaranteed quality IP interconnect to Vodafone’s MPLS network with defined rule
  • Operational processes and business models for a range of services

Vodafone IPX Signalling

Cost savings with high-quality, committed signalling capacity

IPX Signalling supports roaming solutions and efficient, feature rich access to the Vodafone Messaging Hub
providing service aware, multilateral connectivity and hubbing services

Vodafone IPX Sigtran

It grants access to our SS7 Network, covering the need for 2G/3G signalling and roaming, enabling global, real time transport and delivery of SS7 messages (MSUs), over IP.

Future offering

Vodafone has successfully completed a POC for 5G stand alone roaming (signalling). Please contact us to learn more about this future service offering.

Vodafone IPX Diameter

It supports 4G enabled MNOs by facilitating the global and reliable exchange of Diameter Transactions (DTRs), providing access to our worldwide Diameter Network. The shared interface guarantees cost savings by helping the fast rollout of 4G roaming with global, real time delivery of 4G signalling messages and interworking between mobile operators.

Vodafone IPX HTTP2

It enables 5G roaming by facilitating the global and reliable exchange of HTTP2 messages over IP, providing access to Vodafone’s HTTP2 network. As with the other IPX signalling services, the shared interface guarantees cost savings by helping the fast rollout of 5G roaming with global, real time delivery of 5G signalling messages and interworking between mobile operators.

Vodafone IPX Data

Access infrastructure simply and exchange data securely

Vodafone IPX Data offers a secure IP access to our privately managed global MPLS network for a range of
services with guaranteed quality classes. Vodafone IPX Data delivers global connectivity via peering
arrangements with other IPX providers.

Vodafone IPX Transport/GRX

Offers guaranteed and transparent data exchange with different quality classes to all service providers. Suited for the exchange of mobile data roaming traffic with varying Quality of Service demands. It includes access to GSMA Root DNS, MMS and VoLTE roaming traffic, all of which is carried over the IPX Transport service.

Vodafone IPX Generic IP

Used for carrying any IP traffic which is not related to international roaming (Transport, Sigtran, Diameter, HTTP2) or Voice, taking advantage of the IPX Access in place (if any). It allows the inclusion of L3VPN services into the IPX world, avoiding the implementation of extra NNIs.

Vodafone IPX Voice

Vodafone IPX IVC

Facilitates partners to exchange voice and (in the future) video traffic with Vodafone. The IPX IVC service transports signalling and media traffic transparently between both parties.

Global reach and scale

Over 1 million kilometres of terrestrial and undersea network. More than 800 sites, including 172 IPX PoPs across 150 countries. Partnerships with all the top tier carriers. Capacity on 73 cable systems, consisting of 25 major international submarine cables.

Now you can experience worldwide connectivity

Vodafone IPX map

Together we make international voice and roaming services easy

Vodafone connects millions of roamers and devices in virtually every country every day. We work closely with you to tailor the best solution for your business.


After contacting us and filling out our business enquiry form, we arrange a conversation to understand your needs and priorities.


The next step is to assess your traffic, priority destinations and the required technical infrastructure to achieve your business goals.


After aligning on and signing a wholesale contract, our team starts your technical onboarding and assists you through the process.

Ready to get started?

Contact us and help your customers to roam the world with the best available connectivity.

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