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Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services

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Your partner in global wholesale connectivity

Our mission is to connect people and devices across the world.

In 2009, Vodafone Roaming Services was launched in Luxembourg, uniting Vodafone’s local wholesale roaming capabilities into a global, end-to-end business unit.

In 2023, Vodafone Roaming Services (VRS) and Vodafone IPX and International Voice teams have united to strengthen our services and take the lead in global connectivity together.

We've been acknowledged as global influencers driving industry standards and earned recognition from global analysts. Examples include Leading Sponsored Roaming provider by Kaleido (2022) and Tier 1 IPX Provider by Rocco (2021-23).

We offer cutting-edge technology, competitive prices, coverage options and speeds, roaming, IPX and international voice expertise and an extensive track record of delivering high-quality roaming services to our customers.

As a trusted wholesale roaming, IPX and international voice partner, we support our customers with best-in-class solutions.

We continue to integrate new technologies like eSIM, blockchain and machine learning into our services and strive to develop industry-leading innovations.

Vodafone’s commitment to connecting people for a better future is exemplified by its leadership in roaming, IPX and international voice technologies and services, and by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, wherever they are.

Global connectivity for you and your customers

Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies, including e-SIMs and VoLTE rollout, and Europe’s largest 5G network.

Our team can support your roaming, IPX and international voice needs with end-to-end service capabilities.

When you choose Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services, you can leverage our roaming contracts and we can handle the management of your roaming technical connectivity. We identify available networks and settle the resulting payments with foreign networks – so you don't have to worry.

We can implement sustainable internetworking and roaming services for you with our reliable and secure IPX solutions, thanks to our IP/MPLS network which is one of the world’s largest networks. Your customers can benefit from the highest quality international voice solutions with streamlined management processes whether at home or while roaming.

If you're concerned about voice and data quality, there's no need, as we track this 24 hours a day. Any issues that do arise can be immediately resolved. And, when it comes to rates, our team negotiates the best deals – including trade traffic volumes.

158 million

roamers and devices connected per day ¹


roaming partner networks ²



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Power your business with new roaming technologies

Our wholesale customers have access to world-leading networks and new innovations in roaming and device connectivity.

For example, Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) allows your customers to make high-quality voice calls using our 4G network and ensures they remain connected to the network during calls.

With our eSIM roaming solutions, your customers no longer require a physical SIM. Instead, they can change networks remotely much faster and manage subscriptions more easily.

Why partner with Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services?

Today, more than 70 international partners benefit from our services worldwide.

Truly global coverage and commercial scale

It’s easier than ever for you to deliver unbeatable roaming coverage and high-quality international voice services to your customers at competitive rates.

A cutting-edge technology partner

Save time, effort and cost by leveraging our innovative technologies, digitalisation focus, global footprint and your choice of managed services.

Competitive and flexible business model

Grow your business and differentiate in your market by leveraging our flexible and competitive wholesale offering.

Global roaming and international voice expertise

Avoid all the technical issues, lengthy negotiations and hassle of building your own footprint.

Data analytics capabilities

Leverage our data analytics platforms to analyse and optimise your business.

Our leadership in worldwide connectivity and coverage is supported by our long-term partnership with Vodafone Voice and Roaming Services, which helps us bring new solutions to market.
Nicola Berardocco, CEO, Telecom26
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Roaming and Voice Services

Sponsored Roaming

Get instant access to Vodafone’s leading global outbound roaming footprint to gain a competitive edge for your business.

Travel Mobility

Our wholesale solutions enable you to offer instant, easy and affordable roaming for your travellers across the globe.

Maritime Mobility

Near-shore 4G connectivity creates intelligent communication solutions for your vessels, passengers, crews and IoT devices.

Managed Services

Leverage our expertise via tailored consultancy to improve your roaming capabilities and end-to-end management of your roaming platforms.

Roaming Hub

Enhance your inbound and outbound roaming footprint with other hub members with only one contract to request service openings.

Technology Evolution

5G, VoLTE, eSIM – innovative, next-generation communication services and digitilisation platforms to power your business now and in the future.

IPX Services

Implement worldwide, commercially sustainable internetworking and roaming services with our reliable and secure IPX solutions.

International Voice

Benefit from the highest quality international voice solutions with streamlined management processes at home or while roaming.

We have been pioneers since day one

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Together we make international voice and roaming services easy

Vodafone connects millions of roamers and devices in virtually every country every day. We work closely with you to tailor the best solution for your business.


After contacting us and filling out our business enquiry form, we arrange a conversation to understand your needs and priorities.


The next step is to assess your traffic, priority destinations and the required technical infrastructure to achieve your business goals.


After aligning on and signing a wholesale contract, our team starts your technical onboarding and assists you through the process.

Ready to get started?

Manage global connectivity for your customers and devices with us.

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