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Get more out of messaging with Chat on Vodafone

Life with Chat

Life with Chat

Share images, videos, your location or just plain files with your friends. Always know if your messages have been delivered and read.
Chat is available in personal as well as in groupchat.

Chat with your favourite brands

Chat with your favourite brands

Find out about sales, new products and change delivery times with a simple text. Forget waiting on customer call lines – business messaging means you can talk straight to your favourite brands, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

More personal & fun

More than just text

Share high quality images, videos, GIFs and audio with anyone

Get involved

Chat with your favourite brands for better and faster customer service

No fuss with signup

No subscriptions, no accounts needed. Just you and your Android phone

How to get it

You may have Chat already available on your phone. Check that Chat features are activated in your SMS app settings to find out. Choose your app for instructions how to do that: