Digital society

We believe in the power of digitalisation to strengthen the resilience of society and to help people and businesses thrive.

Vinod Kumar, CEO Vodafone Business

During the pandemic, connectivity and digital services been a lifeline, allowing people to work, learn, stay in touch with friends and family, access healthcare and much more.

To help increase the resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises, Vodafone Business has launched several initiatives aimed at supporting their digitalisation, including business-boosting packages and V-HUB, a free service that puts SMEs in touch with experts to advise on digitising their business. More than 1.3 million businesses are using V-Hub across our largest European markets, and we plan to expand the service to support over three million customers by April 2022.

Through our connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Vodafone is helping increase the level of information farmers have available to them, enabling them to optimise their operations and use of resources. Through our technology, farmers can reduce their use of pesticides and fertiliser, water use and resource consumption, as well as improving the protection of biodiversity and increasing yields.

Smarter cities
Working with municipal governments and local businesses, Vodafone’s data platform and IoT solutions help to make cities smarter through intelligently managing energy use and pollution right across the built environment.

Over the past year, Vodafone’s services and technology platforms played a key role in supporting the healthcare sector, empowering professionals to look after people more efficiently and effectively, even when they were forced to be apart. Our IoT solutions supported the distribution of vaccines across the world and our connectivity also powered emergency services and hospitals during the crisis.

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