Campus Network for the first 5G Clinic in Europe


Europe’s first 5G clinic is being built in Düsseldorf. Vodafone and the resident University Hospital (UKD) are building a complete 5G network on the state capital’s medical campus.

The most important technical modules come from the new Vodafone RedBox: small 5G antennas and real-time data centres (MEC) which enable data exchange in real-time. The goal of the cooperation partners is to save lives with 5G.

Fast and digital technology can save lives. We saw that not least during the corona pandemic. The secure exchange of data at high speed is important in order to be able to reliably assess the condition of patients in real time. By promoting ‘Giga for Health’ projects, we can give digital technologies in hospitals an important boost.
Prof. Dr. Frank Schneider, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of the Düsseldorf University Hospital
Vodafone RedBox 1

Vodafone RedBox: Technology boss Gerhard Mack with the box that delivers an entire 5G network for industrial customers. © Vodafone

Vodafone RedBox 2

Vodafone RedBox: The box that supplies an entire 5G network for industrial customers is hardly bigger than a modern refrigerator.© Vodafone

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