Connected workers with IoT


See this animation which shows how a Mobile Private Networks can speed supply chains at a port supplying a factory.

Vodafone is deploying Mobile Private Networks to organisations to help them mobilise their operations so that they can develop and build new products faster. The MPN enables exciting new capabilities including fast worker safety, remote training, building surveillance and machine to machine communication. All designed to improve safety and yield.

See augmented Reality in action at Seepex

An MPN can support exciting new applications including connecting workers to share knowledge the instant it is needed. The Connected Worker solution provides push to talk (PTT) and push to video (PTV) features within ruggedized devices that can be used by site workers. With Augmented Reality employees can advise and train each other remotely, it enables training and guidance on maintaining and repairing vital equipment on a large site such as a factory, port or processing plant.


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