Cellular-connected drones


Mobile Network for Drone Operations

Vodafone and Ericsson are working together to unlock the potential of drones. Mobile network infrastructure is an important asset in pushing connected-drone technology. Using anonymous data, it enables drones to fly safely and securely beyond the visual line-of-sight by encouraging best coverage areas, avoiding large groups of people on the ground. These models of network coverage, allow us planning drone routes in such a way that the connectivity between the drone and its control centre is maintained throughout the duration of the mission. Only now will drones show their huge potential.

Network as a Platform - Vodafone API Catalogue

Cellular connectivity means a huge shift on how drones are operated. It opens up a large number of opportunities, beyond just connectivity, for the creation of network-based products and services. This ever-increasing interest in network-connected drones has lead the development of Vodafone’s Drone API catalogue. Deployed on our brand-new Network Exposure Layer infrastructure, our APIs expose network capabilities that allow easy and secure access to data. An example of these APIs is our route-planning API.


Vodafone has been active in drone technology for five years

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