How 5G is helping transform healthcare


Working with partners such as Intel, Fivecomm, Altran and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Vodafone Business has created an intelligent autonomous robot that can help in the fight against COVID-19. Using managed autonomous car techniques, the ‘Sentinel Robot’ can identify if people have an abnormally high temperature or are following safety guidelines such wearing a face covering.

The data is sent over a 5G network and processed by a remote command centre. An operator can then manage the alarms and take the appropriate action in real-time, such as interacting with the individual using the robot’s tablet and speakers.


Another great example of how 5G is helping transform healthcare. In Milan, the 5G connected ambulance is allowing paramedics to be continuously connected to the emergency management centre and with hospital doctors, providing a way to share patient details and symptoms before they even reach the hospital.

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