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Magna reduces energy consumption and costs with energy management from Vodafone

Magna relies on energy management from Vodafone to record and analyse energy consumption data in its plants

26 Oct 2021
  • Magna is one of the leading international automotive suppliers, providing diverse solutions and components such as drives, assistance systems, exterior equipment, body elements, electronics, lighting and much more to its customers around the world.
  • The production and development of vehicle components of all kinds is energy intensive. This is why the recording and analysis of energy consumption for the company is a central topic. Magna wants to be as energy efficient and to work as ecologically as possible and to reduce its energy costs.
  • For recording consumption data and for networking with its individual branches, Magna chose to work closely with Vodafone.
  • Vodafone provides the readouts and transfer of the meter readings via its IoT network. Vodafone's solution for energy management provides a highly flexible and modular approach which can also integrate existing systems regardless of the manufacturer.

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