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A case study with an entertainment company

09 Sep 2022


  • Resource allocation
  • Lack of network monitoring
  • Not finding the right experts


  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Managed Adversary Threat Intelligence
  • Detailed security investigation


  • Security event research and insights
  • Real-time data and network analysis
  • Fit for the future protection

The customer and the challenge

Improved online presence

A television and radio broadcasting company based in Asia wanted to improve their online presence and publish more content, and therefore needed a security partner to protect their network whilst managing and reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

Credit card information lost

The company didn’t have the right resources to face this challenge on their own. They began hiring security analysts, but finding experts capable of monitoring their network around the clock turned out to be harder than they expected – one bad move was enough for hackers to turn a vulnerability into a corporate nightmare. The company suffered a security breach and hackers were able to steal credit card information from their online shop.

Vodafone Business Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helped us identify and fix our network weaknesses to protect them from being hacked.

How we helped them

Weaknesses identified and fixed

With Vodafone Business Managed Detection and Response, our security specialists identified and fixed the weaknesses that led to the breach to prevent this incident from happening again. Our Managed Adversary Threat Intelligence analysts searched for signs of the attacker using the stolen credit card information. The detailed investigation allowed us to understand what had happened, to make sure that no other hackers can take advantage of this vulnerability next time.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we provided the customer with the expertise and services they needed, giving them affordable access to world-class security solutions. We’re committed to keep an eye on their on-premise and cloud networks, identify any cyber threats in time, and deal with them before they escalate.

We’re building a security network across continents to make our Managed Detection and Response service more efficient globally. Thanks to our 6 security operation centres based in the US, the UK, India, Australia, Singapore and Japan, we were able to provide data to the designated service manager, senior analyst and on-boarding specialist working directly with the in-house team. 

We provided Managed Detection and Response solutions with continuous support that enabled
security event research and insights, and real-time data and network analysis to prevent breaches in the system.

Why choose us?

Security simplified: one bill, all in one place

Proven to protect over 150 million IoT devices globally

Fit for the future protection, integrated partnerships

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