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A case study with DAC Beachcroft

27 Feb 2023

DAC Beachcroft uses Vodafone Business Managed Security Services


  • Keeping legal data secure
  • Protecting every internet point


  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Exposure Diagnostics


  • Adjustment of wider IT strategy
  • Secure web apps, laptops, servers
  • Successful security implementation

The customer and the challenge

Keeping legal data safe

DAC Beachcroft is an international law firm with offices all over the world and 2,600 employees. Their areas of expertise include insurance, healthcare, real estate and general commercial law. For DAC Beachcroft, it’s incredibly important to keep all their data safe, as the potential impact of a data breach could affect their clients not only financially, but reputationally as well.

Identifying possible threats

Cyber security is more than keeping the IT team trained – the entire staff should be resilient to threats. Therefore, it’s key to identify, detect, respond to and resolve these possible threats to minimise risks and costs to the business, something that DAC Beachcroft was also aware of. They needed testing services for their web applications and diagnostics for laptops and servers.

How we helped them

Penetration Testing for web applications

DAC Beachcroft used Vodafone Business Managed Security Services, one of them being our Penetration Testing service, an in-depth test that simulates an actual attack by applying the ‘path of least resistance’ principle. The test exploits and identifies flaws to demonstrate their impact, in this case, any threats regarding their web applications that are accessible over the internet.

Cyber Exposure Diagnostics

Our Cyber Exposure Diagnostics service helps identify further improvements in cyber security, for businesses of all sizes. We supported DAC Beachcroft with laptop and server security, from configuration to permissions and user access. After completing a detailed questionnaire, we tested and deployed the service. In phase 2, we collected the repository data and then analysed it in order to identify malicious activity or any bad practices.

Continuous reporting and update calls

During the regular update calls and with the monthly update reports, we guided DAC Beachfront through the whole security testing process and discussed the findings in detail. Both reports were clear and easy to understand, highlighting the areas of strength. Longer term improvements were fed into their wider IT strategy as well.

We are really confident in Vodafone’s ability to help serve the business and help ensure that our security is world class. That’s what they do as an organisation. Completing the security services with Vodafone has put us in a strong position, to ensure that we are staying up to and ahead of the game, when it comes to cyber threats.

David Aird, IT Director, DAC Beachcroft

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