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InterDigital invents solutions for advanced wireless and video technology to make more efficient broadband networks and richer video and multimedia experiences for businesses and consumers


Keyless is a privacy-first biometric authentication solution that makes the authentication processes for digital payments faster and safer for any user on any device.


With Distributed Edge Computing, Xpllore can revolutionise learning through immersive experiences

With Distributed Edge Computing, Sportable can deliver game-changing insights for rugby in real time

With Distributed Edge Computing, Sportable can roll out its Match Tracker technology to sports stadiums across the UK more efficiently and without compromising on latency.

Aurrigo powers their autonomous vehicles in Cambridge with Distributed Edge Computing

Using Distributed Edge Computing, Aurrigo’s autonomous vehicles are changing the way people and cargo are transported around the world.

Mencap - Inspiring Connected Living

Connected Living is a powerful digital care service that helps transform the lives of care recipients, their families and care givers.

Agricultural innovation with Vodafone IoT solutions

Meet a family using Vodafone Business Agriculture applications to stay ahead, equipped with IoT devices and solutions.

Your employees’ safer driving

Circet partners with Vodafone Business to promote responsible driving by its employees

Never Losing Track: helping TrackTec always keep an eye on their customers’ assets

When you’re in the tracking business, communication is key. With our reliable network, TrackTec can now connect their devices with ease and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.