How technology is  changing education



fashion designer

During the holidays, she works at a local tailor shop to learn to sew and design.

She is a talented writer, and her teachers say she has a way with words that fascinates them.

In her spare time,  she tutors her fellow students.

She studies at the M-PESA Foundation Academy, a Kenyan boarding school serving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The school is supported by the M-PESA Foundation, an independent charitable trust funded by proceeds from M-PESA (Vodafone and Safaricom’s mobile money platform in Africa).

One of the Academy's core values is

The teachers who work there help students use technology to create opportunities for positive change in their communities.


Here's what that looks like in practice


She and her friends developed


a card and app that allows parents and students to keep track of their pocket money.

Allan Grey Entrepreneurship Challenge.

In 2020 they took part in the


won first place

in the girls' category in Kenya.

Trace uses her talents to help transform her community.

She visits primary schools during the holidays to talk to the students and inspire them.

Now let us take you across the world...

Photographer, creative director and cultural commentator

Misan Harriman

met the students of St Mary's School,  Baldoyle, Dublin, to discover how they have used technology to stay connected during the pandemic.

It really made you feel like you were carrying your friends everywhere – just in a rectangle in your hand. It gave me a sense of safety.



Technology opens up so many possibilities for students who don't have material support. If they have access to a tablet and a connection, they can have as many opportunities as a student with all the advantages in the world.



It means that no child is left behind, and children can continue their learning journey from home.



Code Like A Girl helped build my confidence and give me a greater insight into what I want to achieve after my A-Levels.