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Connected Education

Providing access to digital education to students across the world

Vodafone Business Ventures | Keeping Education Connected

Access to quality education is a defining factor in a person’s life. It enables them to contribute to society and it boosts creativity and wellbeing. Yet even today, students in even the most developed countries don’t have consistent access to learning.

That’s why we’ve developed Connected Education- helping teachers and pupils collaborate in new ways using technology.

What is Connected Education?

Investing in children’s education is vital to ensure they are equipped for a better future.

Our Connected Education solution brings digital learning to the classroom, wherever the classroom is based across the globe.

We combine connectivity, devices, curriculum-based content and cloud storage into a ready made digital classroom environment ready for both students and teachers to use.

With our global expertise in building technology solutions, we can offer schools the best connectivity, a secure and resilient cloud platform and selection of devices to suit their requirements.

We focus on giving children everywhere access to education in order to provide them with great opportunities, which is fundamental to their development and future potential in life.

Connected Education | An Introduction


Introducing Connected Education

At Vodafone Business Ventures we believe that the ability to access global information has the power to change education. That’s why we’ve created Connected Education – a package including connectivity, devices, content & classroom management tools, to build a digital learning environment that students can access from wherever they are learning, at school or at home.

Connected Education brings a number of benefits to students and their parents and teachers and schools


For students

  • Improved digital literacy
  • Access to high-quality, secure educational content that can be tailored to the local curriculum.
  • Acquisition of skills that are relevant in today’s modern economies
  • Safe, digital learning environment

For teachers

  • New methods of delivering pedagogy to increase the engagement of students
  • Uses methods that help engage different types of learners from visual learners to those that learn by doing
  • Enables teachers to plan and deliver lessons via digital technology so they can be better track the efforts of the students.

For schools

  • Higher classroom productivity and student engagement
  • Detailed analytics on student and teacher performance

What’s included in the Connected Education solution?

Connectivity & network configuration

Best-in-class connectivity, extensive global reach

Classroom hardware

Including a range of tablets and laptops

Online content

With a large catalogue of on-demand content ready to deliver the local curriculum

Cloud productivity tools

Specialised to deliver quality teaching

Cloud security

With built-in filtering for secure browsing

Managed service

Enterprise-grade support and IT expertise

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