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Accelerating Smart Mobility at Mobile World Congress 2013

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Walking around this year’s Mobile World Congress, the word on everyone’s lips is ‘connected’. Each hall presents a myriad of ground-breaking ways in which we will soon enjoy seamless access to all of the services that we want wherever we want them, including in the car.

At Vodafone M2M we are demonstrating some innovative demos around the concept of the connected car in the GSMA Connected City (Hall 3). While connected cars already exist in principle, the full potential for a truly connected experience is yet to be realised. Over the next few years mobile connectivity is set to revolutionise our interactions with vehicles, encompassing everything from driver behaviour, to the way cars are bought, sold and produced.

One of the most interesting use cases for the connected car at the Vodafone M2M stand is how machine-to-machine will allow manufacturers and insurance companies to offer personalised insurance services based on driver behaviour and related risk. This is going to be a huge area of growth for M2M deployment. The SIM card embedded in the car will send information to insurers about the driver’s speed, frequency of use and distances travelled over the mobile network. This means safe drivers who only use their vehicles occasionally will benefit from paying lower premiums, instead of the traditional ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

This data will also give second hand car buyers more insight into a car’s history. Analysing historical data on acceleration and speed will quickly identify if the car has been looked after well. The connected car has the potential to fundamentally affect the way people drive, reduce speeds, and extend the life of vehicles while leading to safer roads.

We’ll also be giving an opportunity to see how vehicle information is used in the world’s fastest cars. Visit the Vodafone M2M stand to sample the Big Data analysis demo created by SAP and McLaren which shows race simulation based on real-time data being captured and analysed.

At Mobile World Congress this year, we will also be showcasing “What Drives You”, Intel’s interactive concept which allows visitors to experience the benefits of the seamlessly connected car of the near future.

The next 12 months are set to be an incredibly exciting time in the advancement of the connected car – and if you happen to be in Barcelona this week, do pop by and see us in the Connected City to get a taste for some of the innovations that will be making their way to your car soon.

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Throughout the week, we will be sharing videos of demos that we are showing through the Vodafone Global Enterprise YouTube channel, within the Machine 2 Machine playlist. Please take a look!

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