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A case study with Autosped G Group

17 Jan 2024


  • Improving vehicle functionality

  • Monitoring fuel consumption

  • Promoting safe driving

  • All-in-one fleet management solution

  • Interoperability among systems

  • Integrated connectivity management

  • Reduced fleet costs

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Improved employee driving habits



The customer and the challenge

Transport and logistics services around the globe

Autosped G Group is one of Italy’s leading industrial groups, controlled by the Gavio family through the holding company Aurelia Srl, that covers the entire value chain of the infrastructure sector both at a national and a global level thanks to its diverse competencies. Autosped G Group operates important logistics and intermodal hubs to ensure the concentration and sorting of goods and the supply of combined services. In the mobility sector, they transport containers and petroleum, chemical, cryogenic, steel and food products in Italy and other markets. They have a fleet of over 3,600 vehicles, including tractors and trailers, and approximately 2,000 employees.

In search of an all-in-one fleet solution

Autosped G Group wanted to introduce maintenance planning based on diagnostic data to improve their vehicles’ functionality and spot any issues that could cause disruption. As fuel prices are currently going through the roof, monitoring fuel consumption has also become crucial for the company to reduce fleet costs. The Group was aware that a digital fleet management system would significantly increase driver safety which has always been a top priority for them. So, they were looking for a solution that could help them optimise their operations while protecting their employees on the road.

Looking to embrace data-driven transport

As innovation has always been a distinctive feature of the Group, they were looking for a partner with experience in managing large and complex fleets who had the right expertise to make their fleet operations smoother through the latest technological developments. They’ve introduced cutting-edge models for the analysis and management of logistics processes using Vodafone Business technologies. In 2021, Autosped G Group adopted the Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics solution to increasingly leverage the opportunities offered by real-time operational data analysis in fleet management.

How we helped them

Flawless integration for seamless operations

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, our flexible and robust solution, designed to improve the use of available vehicle data, offers integrated connectivity management and interoperability among different devices and systems. This way, the data collected from the tachograph and the maintenance planning systems can be fully integrated into Autosped G Group’s business process flows. The solution ensures that the working hours are downloaded automatically, accounted for in the systems and transferred directly to the paysheet, avoiding manual data entry. With Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, keeping fleet operations stable and uninterrupted has never been simpler for the company.

Enhanced reliability and service continuity

Analysing the data gathered through the fleet management system allows Autosped G Group to schedule preventive maintenance and engine diagnostics checks regularly based on the rules and alerts adjusted according to their policy requirements. This way, they can ensure optimal operating conditions to prevent unplanned vehicle downtime and ensure efficient maintenance planning. "In addition to the features offered by the solution, reliability and service continuity were crucial aspects for us. For an advanced logistics company like Autosped G, a fleet optimisation system for trip planning and driver engagement holds great value, as well as predicting travel and arrival times. As customers and suppliers exchange goods, it’s key to integrate processes with the carrier for warehouse planning. Increasingly digital logistics drives competitiveness and creates best-in-class customer experience,” says Barbara Agogliati, Project Manager at Autosped G Group.

Towards a safer future: taking care of drivers and vehicles on the go

With Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, it’s not only possible to monitor vehicle state and guarantee more efficient operations management of loads and unloads but also to get to know more about employees’ driving styles. Autosped G Group is currently focusing on helping their drivers adopt and maintain mindful driving behaviours to keep them safe on the roads. "Driving style analysis will help drivers become more cautious behind the wheel. A calmer and more relaxed driving style has a notable impact on consumption and reduces vehicle wear and tear, contributing to a significant reduction in fuel and maintenance costs. Promoting greater responsibility for road safety also benefits both employees and all road users,” says Barbara Agogliati.

Becoming a fuel-efficient business

Thanks to our digital fleet management platform, the company can now stay up to date on their fleet’s fuel consumption through real-time data analysis, while the solution also enables them to reconcile vehicle refuelling with fuel cards. What’s more, monitoring their employees’ driving style not only helps drivers adopt a relaxed attitude behind the wheel but also has a positive impact on fuel efficiency. Gaining valuable insights into their vehicles’ fuel consumption has resulted in significantly lower fleet costs for the company.

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