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Ryanair is a Ready Business

Case Study

Ryanair operates from 190 airport locations in 30 countries around Europe and North Africa and depend on Vodafone’s network to carry over 1,600 flights a day. The scale of the Vodafone and Ryanair partnership makes it one of the most remarkable in European aviation.

Vodafone’s outsourced telecommunications services are present wherever Ryanair lands or grows its business.

The Challenge

As both the world’s largest airline in terms of passengers carried, and the busiest international airline by number of flights, Ryanair stands out as one of Ireland’s most successful companies. Ryanair has historically not adhered to the airline industry's way of doing business. Instead it blazes its own trail to grow its business. Therefore, they needed a telecoms partner that is uniquely equipped and ready to work the same way.

"Because of our sheer size, we need a partner of Vodafone’s scale and capability to provide us with the technology and connections we require. For example, one partner could be great in one country, but not in another. That’s where Vodafone fits excellently. They have the ability and scale to provide solutions everywhere we fly to."

John Hurley,
Ryanair CTO

The Solution

Vodafone functions as an outsourced telecommunications department for Ryanair, and is always present and ready wherever Ryanair lands planes or the company has an operational base. Vodafone provides a combined total of 3,750 Apple iPads with an M2M solution that connects the iPads to Ryanair’s central network.

Vodafone also provides 8,000 unique and secure handheld devices used for in-flight sales, replacing their current EPOS system. Vodafone also provides Managed Telephony, Managed Wi-Fi and Managed WAN at Ryanair’s base sites.

"The potential this has to give a better end-user experience for customers is phenomenal and it wouldn’t work if you couldn’t rely on the back end data flow to support it. It’s going to mean a mini-computer in the hand of every cabin crew member."

John Hurley,
Ryanair CTO

These solutions run on the backbone of an intricate and resilient IP VPN network that is full managed by Vodafone located at the 250 sites Ryanair operates.

The Benefits

Through these services Vodafone was able to:

  • Enable Ryanair to proactively manage customers’ in-bound contact with Ryanair.
  • Provide real time information to the customer directly via phone and web services
  • Deliver estimated savings of around €100,000 per year.
  • Prove a flexible and scalable solution that increases better end-user experience for customers

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