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Instant Network Schools

Instant Network Schools

The average stay of a child in a refugee camp is 17 years, meaning a child can be born, raised and do his or her entire schooling in the closed environment of camp with little contact with the outside work. Schools that exist within camps are often poorly resourced, limiting the possibility of students receiving a quality education.

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Doing more with less

The Connected Farmer Alliance is our a partnership with USAID and the NGO TechnoServe, using our technology to help 500 million smallholder farmers in Africa to increase their productivity; and our Turkey Farmers’ Club has already helped farmers increase productivity by €190 million, showing how mobile can make a real difference.

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By 2030, there will be 20% more people in the world necessitating a 70% increase in agricultural production.

Global maternity policy

Vodafone pioneers global maternity policy across 30 countries

Vodafone has become one of the first organisations in the world to introduce a mandatory minimum global maternity policy.

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