Progress Through Technology

Connecting customers everywhere

Technology has transformed  the way society lives, works and communicates.

Putting  customers at  the heart of innovation, we're bringing digital services to them wherever  they are.

As it develops, we want everyone to benefit.

At MWC24 Barcelona, we're showing just some  of the ways we're doing this.

Immersive tech

That's why we’re moving mixed reality headset computing functions to the cloud with our HyperReality Hub.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies give consumers and workers a new way to immerse themselves in the digital world. But bulky headgear can hold them back.

Imagine bringing students face to face with an extinct species, like a dinosaur, that they can see and touch?

Leaving us with lightweight glasses that can change how we interact with the world around us.

Health  at home

The device monitors and sends updates to carers, friends and family, as well as the emergency services if required.

In healthcare, we’re using a connected hub to improve the quality of life for those managing conditions at home.

I have been able to step back and my dad now feels he has more control over his own life,” said the daughter of an 81-year-old customer.

In Jersey, this tool is being used to help the island’s ageing population live independently for longer.



Technology can also facilitate diagnoses and preventative care.

Using Health Twin, a platform that manages medical records, customers and medical teams can get a holistic view of their health.

Combined with mixed reality glasses, customers can track their vitals in real-time and see 3D models of their organs.

The platform uses AI to cross-reference symptoms to give accurate diagnoses and can even make an appointment with a cardiologist if needed.

In Africa, Vodafone Foundation is using mobile technology to connect expectant mothers to affordable emergency transport.

When a patient calls in, the m-mama dispatch centre will find the nearest driver to take them to a health facility for treatment.

Safety  on the roads

By sharing and receiving safety information, hazard warnings and traffic updates in real-time, they’re better informed and able to take preventative action.

Tech can look after us on the roads too. Our STEP platform aims to keep European drivers safe by connecting them with transport authorities and each other.

Already, the platform has demonstrated that it can support vehicles being driven remotely.

We believe this could help in emergencies or even with Europe’s growing driver shortage in the future.

Digital skills at any age

Making the most of online innovations requires a connection and confidence using devices.

That’s why Vodafone Foundation is helping customers build their digital capabilities, regardless of their age or background.

The SkillsUpload Europe Jr programme covers everything from how to use technology and devices, to how to stay safe online.

At Vodafone, we want everyone to embrace the digital world.