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Enabling new ways of innovation

11 Jun 2021

According to the Industry 4.0 research conducted by Quadrant Strategies, experts believe Industry 4.0 will drive a century’s worth of advancements in only five years. This means opportunities to unlock new ways of information exchange and interacting with technologies.

Digital technologies improve quality and reduce wastage: automating quality control with IoT helps to capture real-time data and robotics improves accuracy, for example. Instant adjustments with Edge Computing and IoT enable fast, local data processing and quick decision-making. Reliable connectivity enables 3D printing collaboration that speeds up product development. Ultrafast, fixed and mobile connectivity allows teams anywhere in the world to collaborate on the same product. Tracking a product’s lifespan to improve design and service using IoT sensors provides insights on where these are located. Create new revenue stream, connect customers and recall products whenever needed.

Find out more in our practical guide.

Transforming product development with digitalisation-thumbnail

Connectivity and data at the heart of product innovation

Product design and development is rapidly changing thanks to Industry 4.0, enabling new levels of innovation and better customer experience.

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