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Revolutionising EV manufacturing with 5G

Find out more about how Vodafone is helping Ford revolutionise the EV manufacturing industry by providing connectivity solutions that enable the production of plug-in and fully electric vehicles.

The evolution of SIM cards

The evolution of SIM cards: get the most out of IoT technology to transform your business with iSIM and eSIM technology

Fit for the Future Report – US Supplement

The Vodafone Business ‘Fit for the Future’ US supplement report examines the impact of the pandemic on US businesses as well as the expectations of customers and employees.

Narrowband IoT and LTE Machine Type Communications

Narrowband-IoT and LTE Machine Type Communications: pushing the boundaries of IoT to enhance coverage capability and reduce device complexity

Vodafone Business Fit for the Future Report

Vodafone Business Fit for the Future Report: with research analysed by academics at the London School of Economics, explore the impact of the pandemic on businesses and how to prepare for future challenges.

MPN Architecture Playbook

This playbook provides insight into the options and capabilities of the main architectures of a Mobile Private Network.

Realising Industry 4.0 with Mobile Private Network solutions

Discover why Mobile Private Network solutions are ideal for businesses implementing digital transformation or Industry 4.0.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy Guide

This enterprise mobility strategy paper highlights some of the goals where mobile can have the greatest impact and some of the ways to elevate mobility as a strategic priority.

Stay in tune with what your customers really think

Discover ways Vodafone Business can help your company stay in tune with what your customers really think.