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Tackling the edge security challenge

Edge computing brings exciting new possibilities, but also creates some new implications for security. Here we investigate these and how to overcome them.

Global Trends Barometer 2019

We’ve asked over 1,700 business leaders across the globe about what four trends businesses should prepare for in 2019. Agree with our findings?

Practical Guide: Make a cultural shift to unlock cloud gains

A practical guide to shaping your organisation’s culture and IT approach to make the most of the cloud.

Banking on Brazil: Deploying IoT in the largest country in Latin America Whitepaper

The Banking on Brazil whitepaper provides a detailed look at how to make the most of the Internet of Things (IoT) potential of Latin America’s largest country.

Using SDN to boost Unified Communications

Software Defined Networking can provide a dynamic backbone for Unified Communications, speeding deployment and enhancing customer experience,

Practical Guide: Controlling cloud costs without compromise

This guide offers practical tips and guidance for getting and retaining control of your cloud costs, especially public cloud spending, without compromising performance.

The rise of drones

Ready for take-off: the roles for telcos in the drone aerospace

Global Trends Barometer 2018

Explore four key trends that will impact businesses in the coming years, based on Vodafone research and expert insight from around the world.

The desk phone is not dead – yet

For years, experts have described the death of the desk phone as inevitable. However there are areas that there are yet no other alternatives to it.