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The emerging technologies that inspire innovation

09 Apr 2021

Digitalisation and data management rose to the top of the business agenda due to the changes that Covid-19 brought about. Companies had to revise their digital investment priorities in order to adapt quickly to the current situation. They implemented remote working, improved their supply chain and they started to work on sustainability by exploring energy management and waste reduction opportunities with IoT.

Most of these changes are here to stay but due to quick adoption, they might not be perfect. Improving or expanding these technologies can help you get the most value for them. Vodafone’s Innovation Hubs provide businesses with a chance to discover these transformative technologies.

These include:

  • 5G and SD-WAN for low latency and a more sustainable future
  • Edge Computing for immediate intelligence
  • IoT solutions for real-time monitoring and extended reach
  • Digital tools underpinned by Artificial Intelligence

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