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Security challenges, trends and priorities in manufacturing

19 Jun 2023

Despite the steady growth shown in the manufacturing sector over the last few years, the industry is now facing several challenges that might put operations and business continuity at risk. Increasing costs, scarce talent, strict sustainability agendas, evolving customer preferences and supply constraints are the biggest concerns among manufacturers.

As more manufacturing organisations embrace digitalisation, smart factory initiatives and new technologies to overcome these challenges, new cyber threats come with them, as well. With changes happening so fast, manufacturing firms need to quickly and securely adapt to evolving demands by building a cyber resilient business.

We’ve gathered key insights, trends and recommendations on the turbulent context that manufacturing firms are facing. We explore their top priorities – growth, cost optimisation and operational efficiency –  as well as the role that technology and converged solutions have to play. And how to leverage them to meet business goals without compromising security.


How manufacturing organisations can build agile and cyber resilient supply chains

Read our eBook and learn how manufacturing organisations like yours can be better prepared to overcome the security challenges of today and the future.

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