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Remote working in the smart supply chain

05 May 2021

In line with our IoT Spotlight report, 84% of IoT adopters find the integration of devices and data with remote workers a high priority. This means providing employees with the right technology to adapt to the new ways of working and keeping everyone within your company connected.

Considering the changes in the workplace last year, development within the tech industry has allowed many businesses to move online and work from home as well as innovate throughout the supply chain.  People can spend less time more efficiently on-site with technologies such as:

  1. Combining 5G Mobile Private Networks (MPN) and Edge Computing can help with remote monitoring and minimising emergency repairs.

  2. Low-cost 3D printers can be set up for designers in any location, making it possible for companies to fast-track product interactions and improve quality.

  3. Heat detection cameras enable companies to address any exposure to COVID-19 and keep employees and visitors safe.

  4. Automated IoT processes, such as temperature and humidity sensors, can free up people to focus on knowledge-based tasks.

  5. A body-worn camera can help employees ask a more experienced colleague for advice, in real time.

  6. Track fleet performance and driver behaviour to better plan your trips without delays.

  7. Manage your complete mobile estate with Device Lifecycle Management, from new devices to end-of-life products.

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Transform the supply chain with digital tools

Advanced technology has completely changed our possibilities when it comes to the supply chain. Innovation keeps workers safe and provides them with the information they need to get the job done and do it right the first time.

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