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Realising Industry 4.0 with Mobile Private Network solutions

27 Oct 2021

Wireless technologies are key to digital enablement, but they must be reliable and secure. This requires networks with increased and predictable performance, lower latency, enhanced security, higher throughput and access to new real-time services. Traditional Wi-Fi does not meet the needed security, coverage, capacity, low latency and quality of service guarantees – that’s why a new access network is needed.

Mobile Private Networks (MPN), which provide dedicated network resources, are ideal for customers implementing digital transformation or Industry 4.0. Use cases across industries include industrial monitoring and control, sensor data monitoring, connected workers, location and tracking, robotics, self-driving/autonomous guided vehicles and many other critical IoT technologies and next-gen emergency services.

But it is more than just connectivity. Adding in solutions, which benefit from the new network, enables integrated product solutions to address customer business outcomes. For example, using MPN to access Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) in order to host low-latency customer apps minimises the elapsed time from device to data. And ultimately, it speeds up analysis and decision-making.

Image-thumbnail-Discover why Mobile Private Network solutions ar

Discover why Mobile Private Network solutions are ideal for businesses implementing digital transformation or Industry 4.0.

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