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Fit for the Future Report – US Supplement

What does it take to be a ‘fit for the future’ business?

Our Vodafone Business ‘Fit for the Future’ global study finds ‘future readiness’ on the rise in more than 25% of US companies. We surveyed 2,526 businesses, including 300 in the United States, to understand how businesses prepared for the future have thrived since 2019. We’ve also partnered with the London School of Economics to discover how you can increase performance, no matter the size of your business.

In this supplemental US version of the report, we explore how to respond to customers’ evolving demands, cater to changing employee needs and understand how investing in tech could benefit your business. Read our report and take the assessment to see how you can become ‘fit for the future’.

Are you ready to discover how ‘fit for the future’ your business is?

We identified 12 key responses that correlated most clearly with businesses that are ‘fit for the future’. Answer our short assessment to find out how prepared your business is and the impact that increasing your score could have – both on your financial performance and your ESG rating.

Find out more about businesses prepared for future challenges and explore our global ‘Fit for the Future Report’. See how you can adapt to the market, react to new trends and implement new ways of working. We’re excited about the future.

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