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Fit for the Future Report:
UAE insights

Sustainability and innovation lead the way


What does it entail to be ‘Fit for the Future’?

Our ‘Fit for the Future’ annual report conducted in partnership with B2B International explores business leaders’ attitudes and initiatives on digital transformation and sustainability. This year we surveyed 3,101 firms across 15 countries in Europe, America, South Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

“Fit for the Future” (FFTF) firms are those that score highest on measures like speed-to-market, embrace of change, detailed strategic planning, openness to new technologies, and being up to date with emerging trends. This study takes a deeper analysis of sustainability initiatives, technology trends and challenges of United Arab Emirates (UAE) businesses based on insights from our 2022 Fit for the Future Report.

Driving innovation and efficiency with sustainable technology

Our study shows that customers are increasingly demanding organisations take ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives. In line with this, 85% of UAE enterprises identify sustainability as a key differentiator, and FFTF businesses embrace the constraint of environmental impact as a catalyst for innovation.

When it comes to the role of technology in business transformation, FFTF firms see it as an optimiser to solve their challenges. And most UAE businesses (69%) believe that the top area in which technology can help is understanding where companies are wasting resources, so they can use them more efficiently.

FFTF businesses aim to drive transformation in the widest sense possible to improve their supply chains and broader their spheres of influence. However, since sustainability challenges are so vast, they will require contributions on all fronts – across different verticals, business sizes and between the private and public sectors as well.

Are you ready to discover how ‘fit for the future’ your business is?

We see technology as a critical catalyst, and we’re constantly working to support businesses on their sustainability and digital transformation journeys. This report explores the trends, objectives and challenges of UAE firms to transform their businesses to be more ’fit for the future’.

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In our latest global Fit for the Future reports, we explore how some businesses around the world are responding to customers’ evolving demands, catering to changing employee needs and tackling sustainability issues better than others. We also look at the role technology could play in the future and the key barriers that are affecting progress towards sustainable change.