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Fit for the Future Report: APAC insights

Being good to the planet is good for business, too

The global study

Our Vodafone Business ‘Fit for the Future’ global study conducted in partnership with B2B International explores business leaders’ attitudes and actions on digital transformation and sustainability. 

This year we surveyed 3,101 firms across 15 countries, including 748 in APAC. “Fit for the Future” (FFTF) firms score highest on measures such as speed-to-market, embrace of change, detailed strategic planning, openness to new technologies, and being up to date with emerging trends. This report shows how to accelerate your path towards a more sustainable future.

Driving sustainability and resiliency together

According to our study, most FFTF businesses in Asia Pacific see sustainability, resiliency and collaboration between businesses as the key starting points for a successful digital transformation journey and business growth.

While most well-performing firms consider sustainability as a highly competitive advantage, many companies across the region say they need to become more resilient on a range of fronts, with tech adoption and thwarting cyber threats as a clear investment priority.

FFTF businesses aim to drive change in the broadest sense possible, championing collaboration and optimising their processes. They recognise that technology plays an essential role, but contributions on all fronts, across different verticals and business sizes, are also crucial to overcome sustainability and resiliency challenges.

Are you ready to discover how ‘fit for the future’ your business is?

With technology as a critical catalyst, we’re supporting businesses on their sustainability and digital transformation journeys. This report explores the concerns, objectives and ongoing actions of APAC businesses to accelerate their path to becoming more ’fit for the future’, and it will help accelerate yours.

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