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Providing the right tools for your customers

05 Aug 2021

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of low-touch solutions will continue to increase. According to IDC , by 2021, 85% of hospitality brands aim to implement self-service technologies. This means a need for organisations to provide a safe, positive and personal experience for their customers.

Digital interactions offer opportunities where customers can find convenient ways to complete tasks and at the same time feel safe by minimising person-to-person contact. To provide positive low-touch experiences, companies need to keep in mind that little things often matter, for example, sending confirmations and reminders by text when customers book appointments can give them something to refer back to. This means that the more your customer experience advantages you offer with low-touch interactions, the more they want to deal with you in this way.

A solid infrastructure with the right tools in place can help adopt low-touch solutions. With continuous connections and cloud-based data access, joined-up back-office systems, data-driven workflow automation and customer journey analytics, your business can add value for your customers.


The growing value of low-touch interactions

Emphasis on using digital interactions is growing more and more. This enables new ways of self-help that customers can adopt for a safe and seamless experience.

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