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Digital transformation as the foundation of sustainability

12 Apr 2021

As consumers become more aware of their carbon footprint, the demand for sustainable products and services keeps growing all over the world. Green incentives have also become a global theme for post-Covid economic recovery. But it’s not just consumers and governments who call for changes towards a greener future.

Sustainable is efficient

Renewable power is transforming the energy industry and our operations too: we have committed to reduce our environmental impact with 50% by 2025. Capturing information about the performance of the smart supply chain provides new insight about a company’s environmental impact. Smart analytics, AI and Narrowband-IoT help businesses decrease their energy consumption and plan ahead. Businesses that automate and streamline are more productive, have better quality products and free up the funds to explore other areas of sustainable innovation – from carbon capture to recyclables. Discover how in our practical guide.


Supporting your sustainability goals

Set your business up for the future. Find out how you can create a sustainable, energy-efficient business by leveraging the power of modern digital technologies.

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