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Revolutionising EV manufacturing with 5G

08 Jul 2022

Based on the success of a pilot line with 5G, Ford has decided to collaborate again with its long-standing partner, Vodafone. On a mission towards total digital transformation and sustainability, the company’s aim is to create the “Factory of the Future”, enabled by our high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency 5G Mobile Private Network (MPN). Supported by The Welding Institute, the UK government and other partners, the project is powered by Vodafone’s 5G combined with Edge Computing and AI. Our connectivity solutions help Ford improve its production techniques to move away from internal combustion engine technology and adopt plug-in and fully electric vehicles.

In the future, we’ll need more flexible facilities to be able to quickly reconfigure as there is likely to be a lot more customisation in cars.

Chris White, Electrification and Global Engineering Alignment Manager, Ford

Data-driven welding process

The new laser welding technology, chosen by Ford to support the manufacturing of electric vehicles, generates vast amounts of data. To handle up to half a million pieces of data per minute securely, Ford needed reliable high-speed wireless connectivity to ensure continuous monitoring and maintenance. 5G MPN is essential for greater precision to eliminate unnecessary downtime in the production line and delays in manufacturing.

5G also enhances security by allowing Ford to use SIMs on its devices to secure the non-stop surveillance of its dedicated network and protect it from external threats.

Vodafone is helping Ford revolutionise the EV manufacturing industry by providing reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity solutions, so that they can transform their vehicle line-up over the next 10 to 15 years.


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