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Aligning tools, processes and culture for a more productive remote workforce

23 Mar 2021

Flexible working has become the new normal. As employees get used to working from home or remotely and get access to technology they need, their productivity increases. 65% of remote workers say they feel more productive when not working from the office and businesses are realising the potential in this. It’s no wonder that 44% of businesses expect remote working to remain in place long term. Here are a few examples of how you can build a fully connected workplace:

  • Transform the way you collaborate with unified communications to bring together your people, clouds and networks
  • Adapt your networks to the new needs of your employees and customers: provide reliable and flexible connectivity through SD-WAN, enterprise broadband, direct internet access or ethernet
  • When remote working is not an option, make reliable, real-time communication accessible to your colleagues

It’s no longer about being present. It’s about achieving results while adapting work hours conveniently around everyday life.


Aligning tools for a more productive remote workforce

To effectively introduce flexible working; tools, processes and cultures need to change. With help, you can get it right.

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