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5G and the sustainable supply chain

Harness the possibilities of 5G

27 Apr 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping skyrocketed and supply chains became more fragmented due to border lockdowns. Many companies tried to overcome this obstacle by adopting new technology and soon CIOs started to realise the strategic importance of digital, including 5G.

In fact, according to a Deloitte survey, 86% of network executives believe that advanced wireless networks will transform their organisation within three years and will enable the adoption of other emerging technologies like IoT, cloud, Edge Computing and AI.

Looking ahead, standalone 5G networks will be entirely virtual – and that means companies will be able to scale up operations within a second, anywhere in the world.

With the high bandwidth and low latency that 5G offers, you can receive real-time video footage of your shipment or make use of wireless autonomous robots. It can also deliver connectivity in challenging locations like farms, making harvesting or information gathering more automated allowing farmers to focus on maximising output and minimising waste. Discover how in our practical guide.


5G and the sustainable supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic not only accelerated companies’ digital plans — it showed them that they needed to innovate and change. With technologies like 5G presenting the next generation in super-fast, low-latency connective, how can supply chains take advantage of it and use it in conjunction with devices to create connected operations wherever they are?

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